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Need some general advice

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    Well first decision is whether to read andrew solter-how to become chess master or chess strategy for tournament players-lev alburt.

    I jumped from 1300 to 1700 at chesstempo in 2 or 3 months i am not even sure what does that mean? Good at tactics?

    My rating increases incosistently during online play- highest probably reached 1350 dropped back to 1250. Highest rating ever achieved online is 1590 at chesscube but went back to 1490. Highest rated player ever beaten is 1900. So i am confused by myself: am i good player (why am i not good at bullet)? If i am good why am i not consistent? I keep asking these questions myself i hope you can answer. I am not boasting or anything i am only questioning.(how do i keep consistency?)

    Is it positionally that i need to improve myself? (also in reference to the books i mentioned in 1st question).

    I have been working really hard to be honest is it openings do i need to read on?

    Thats really it. I would appreciate any advice really. Thank you.

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    Of all things don't worry about your Bullet game.  Bullet chess is a joke really unless your Nakamura.  You may need to invest in a coach who can go over your games and let you know what you need work on.


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