New group for 90-minute games exclusively


Now that we have a little momentum I'll post my suggestions for how to set up the games on the forum pages of the club. 

Once again, here is the link to the club: The 90-minute Club.


I've now added some information about how to get set up and how to schedule 90-minute games in our club in the club forum. Please read the forum topics "Our time" and "How to schedule a game" in the club forum when you have joined the club. These two ought to answer your basic questions. 


I'm looking forward to some good 90-minute games. 


Make good moves, happy.png 



Yeah! We now have 9 open game invitations in our new 90-minute Club! happy.png Please join our club if you want to accept one of these invitations. Looking forward to some good slow and serious games. happy.png 


Just a quick update on our club for 90-minute games, which we play here on and schedule in our club. Although the club was created only about a week ago, I've already played 90-minute games with 3 different opponents. happy.png I'm very happy with this and think that our scheduling setup is smooth and helps facilitate the process of creating game invitations and getting some games. So, please come and join us! YEAH! happy.png 


I concur......... the Trello concept for scheduling the games has it's plus points!

Good Job!!!