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Nimzo-Indian-QID complex player

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    Can you suggest a player who plays the above opening because i want to study his games

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    In the 1920's, 1.d4 Nf6 was considered an irregular opening.  Then Tartakower read an old German journal in which there was a game played in 1875 by two Brahmans which began 1.d4 Nf6.  Thereafter he jokingly referred to this as the "Indian Defense".  This is a group for players who are interested in learning and playing the White and Black sides of the hypermodern Indian defenses to 1.d4.  Our group repetoire includes 9 distinct openings: Benko Gambit, Benoni Defense, Bogo-Indian Defense, Budapest Gambit, Grünfeld Defense, Indian Game, King's Indian Defense, Nimzo-Indian Defense, and Queen's Indian Defense.  All our Team Matches, Tournaments, and Vote Chess games are based on these openings.  We currently have a 300 membership maximum.  Please apply if you:

    • play any of these openings
    • are interested in joining Team Matches or Tournaments or Vote Chess
    • wish to contribute in some way to our group
    • already belong to less than 50 groups.


    Click the Indians mascot to apply.


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