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Nimzowitsch - My system

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    I have My System....

    but there is another book out there,

    Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy: Advances sinces Nimzowitch.


    Does the latter supercede the former...?

    Or are they complimentary?

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    From the sound of the titles alone, the latter builds on the former, not supercedes it. I'm guessing My System will remain an excellent read ;)

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    Both books - all levels.  Start with Nimzo and go from there.

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    I have my system by Nimzowitsch, but it's hard too use for me because it's all in the old chess notation which I don't understand very well.

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    Silman points out that people who are just learning might find Watson's book confusing in that Watson's main point is that all the old rules have problems with them.  I think it's probably better to learn the rules first before worrying about the exceptions.  There is a new translation of My System out now that is in algebraic notation.  Easier books about strategy are Simple Chess by Michael Stean and Simple Chess by John Emms.  Neil McDonald's Chess Secrets: The Giants of Strategy is another fairly easy book that touches on a lot of Nimzowitsch's themes: seventh rank, pawn breaks, restraint, blockade and prophylaxis.

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    echecs06 wrote:

    Is Chess Praxis still in print? I lost my copy awhile back.

    Yes...amazon.com shows several for sale.

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    I just bought (I hope) the newest version of My System (version 2007, ISBN 9789197600538).

    Looking forward to read it after these comments!

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    Thanks everyone....

    i did read Seirawan strategy and a lot of themses seem to be covered...

    so i guess it going over familiar ground...

    i will then get watsons...


    i'll post something about endgame books...

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    My system is a great book to understand basic chess thinking.

    For endgames maybe you should see Keres - series of endings rooks and queens.


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