Not for the experts






"16. Nxe6+ so one error and i am in major trouble have not done to much wrong except maybe think i had the gam in the bag from move two"

These were also errors.

3. ... c4 hangs a pawn

10. ... Nc6 fails to defend the c7 square. Either Bb6 (after h5, black can play Bd8) or Nh6 defended this square.

I don't think you should ever believe you have the game in the bag at move 2.


Is this for real? Like chess??


LOL Loomis It's not for the experts Laughing, that's why I didn't even wanted to comment it. Game and commentaries are cool (doesn't matter that it's full of blunders). For me it's refreshing to see something like that from time to time. Sometimes I'm sick of serious games Laughing.


Lol im not an expert not even close, never read a chess book and discover the game over a year ago, but this is a freaking joke. I think its hilarious that he stablishes he is going for the sicilian defence!


It is hilarious - thats why it is so good Laughing