Not seeing the board...


Over 7 years ago I was involved in an assault, lost interest in the game, then a few years later I started playing again, problem is I don't see the chess board as well as I used to. Would anyone have any recommendation on exercises you can do to improve how you view the board (I don't see pieces which lead to bad blunders). Any help appreciated, thanks once again!


I would think that this comes with mere practice. As you participate in more games, you pick up on those types of things. Your observation skills improve with the more games you play. As you develop as a chess player, you will pick up on these things again. Since you say you started up new again, it's as if you are a beginner, so you will make those mistakes, from time to time. Those mistakes will lessen, as time goes one.


Yeah when I see the board I do extremely well, but then I hit a slump. I really need to pay more attention to the board in general.