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Old Beginner!

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    Hi All,

                        about a year ago I was meant to start playing chess on a more serious bases and keeping a blog journal of my journey from beginner to...well whatever level I get to!

    But work was so full on at that point but is not now.

    I am still a beginner as I have not played any more than two games since then.

    I am 47 so cannot soak up learning as could a young player so progress will be slow I suspect?

    I have Chessmaster Grand Master edition and am watching lots of lessons on the net, but lack direction on how to learn, so some tips on that aspect would be good? 

    Also I would like to know which sort of games I should be playing on Chess.com with others, games over longer periods or faster games (so to get more games in)?

    Any help would be most welcome.



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    Play slower games.  Chess is a game of patience, planning, thought, and calculation which is designed for its depth and beauty, not speed.  Faster chess is really a variant, a whole different game which is very exciting simply because you do NOT have the time to think so much.  That's what makes it fun.

    But for a beginner, you want to get your feet wet, so to speak, learn the basics, become familiar with the board and pieces and the simple tactics before you are ready to play fast games.

    Don't worry about your age - yes, you are probably too old to compete internationally, but few make to that level even when starting young.  Never think, "I am just starting chess, and in three years I will be 50!"

    Instead, ask youself how old you would be in three years if you did NOT play?  The same, of course, but you would have missed out on the game, which can give much enjoyment, even beauty, no matter what level you are on.

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    Thanks for the reply.  Very good and deep!


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