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    Go Israel! What a series of games. go Galfend!

    congratulations to every country who participated, regardless of rank.

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    Hooray for the Israeli team! They represent a great nation.

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    Excellent preformence of Israel !!!

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    It's always GOD bless the house of Israel.....

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    First time Israel wins a medal in the chess olympiads.  The top 3 seeded teams did not win a medal.  10th seeded USA takes the bronze (repeat from last olympiad at the 2006 Olympiad in Turni in tiebreaker).  Armenia repeats winning the gold for the 2nd time in a row.  USSR (Russia) won from 1952 to 2004.  This is the 2nd consecutive Olympiad that top-seeded Russia failed to take a medal.  USA women's team had Anna Zatonskih win the individual gold medal for 2nd board and Rusudan Goletiani (not the fake one here) took the silver medal for 3rd board.


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