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one more time-a classic

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    Nice example.I liked the sacrifice that was played in this game. It is one of my favorites. I also like this idea. It is a very useful plan to use in my games. Now i can understand how Napolean won most of his battles and what his plan was. I suggest to give Napolean the chess MVP for 1700's Wink. Tongue outCool

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    Beautifully done.  Thank you for this post.

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    I have learned that you have to have more pieces attaking in the area than your opponent has defending. I also learned by sacrafice increases material locally, but not globlely.

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    A beauty of a game, and one of the most famous, thanks for posting.

    A good lesson too as I still see 3...Bg4 played by newbies online.

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    i like the sacrifices.Cool

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    Great game, though it would stink to be the Consultants...

    Do you think that Morphy calculate the sack, or just relied on intuition and knowing that he had better piece activity?

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    waww good game..

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    Wow... Just wow. Amazing.

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    sometimes, i feel very bad for the people who are whipped by Paul Morphy

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    The chances of seeing such games today is more or less equal to the chances of magnus carlsen playing e4 and qh5


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