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Only a 40 year break...

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    Thanks Bumiputra, interesting back-stories to the games.

    bumiputra wrote:
    mroyer wrote:

    Concerning your 4-handed game with the Maharaja, Mark, you see I am not saying you are making it up but errr... as I am having problems in placing it... are you sure he was not an Emir or a Shah?

    I can't tell whether you're joking here or not, but to be sure I did make this up. Well, sorta. Certainly I wasn't playing in the 15th century or with any Maharaja. That was just a jesting-response to the general age-roasting going on here Smile

    The truer story I based the fiction on is that I played Chaturaji back in the 1970s with a kid who became mayor of the city I grew up in.

    ... and, oddly, I called it Chaturanga back then too - but when I looked it up on Wikipedia last night, the version of Chaturanga we were playing looked more like what the wiki called "Chaturaji".

    I discovered the game in a dusty old chess book in a back-shelf at the library along with a pile of other pre-chess variants.  I can't recall the book's title or author any more.

    I also built a Martian chess set back then too, based on the one that appears in Edgar Rice Burrough's "The Chessman of Mars". I remember I painted my father's drafting board with a 10x10 black and orange square game board. That took a little arm-waiving explaining to get him to cool down and admit he'd probably never use the board again anyhow.

    -Mark R.

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    Kibbitzer: No clue what this means, but judging by the context people have used it in I think it is something like a patzer.

    Thanks awesomechess1729! It's useful to know the local lingo...

    The only term I'd heard before is kibbitzer - that one goes way back. It means a spectator that annoyingly keeps suggesting moves to one player or the other or both; at least that's what it meant back then.  Not sure how that would translate to the online version of chess were the kibbitzer wouldn't really have the opportunity to chime in.

    -Mark R.


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