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Pawn promotion but no extra queen piece?

  • #1

    If you promote a pawn to a queen and there are no extra queens, how do you represent a queen? What did they do before sets came with extra queens?

  • #2

    Turn a rook upside down? Use a coin, button, whatever.

  • #3

    when i'm in time trouble, I just use the promoted pawn as a queen. when I'm not however, I turn a rook upside down.

    LOL I can picture Carlsen moving pennys and buttons in the next WC!

  • #4

    Upside down rook sounds a lot better than just snatching a queen off of someone elses game Tongue Out

    Thanks for the responses.

  • #5

    Sigh. To have two queens... such a distant dream. If only I had those kinds of problems.


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