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Petition for Kasparov 2 Return!

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    Ahola, folks!


    I'm sure there were many of you who watched the St. Louis event and enjoyed it bigly wink.png and so did I.


    And there's one particular reason it was great: Garry Kasparov!

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    So, here it is, sign a petition for Kasparov 2!


    He needs to come back and do better next year. And, as we've seen, when he shakes off some rust, he can do just that!

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    So, add a huge +1 to indicate your support and demand for Kasparov to return. This is the largest chess website, and if we all make our voices heard, the petition will generate a momentum and, hopefully, bring the Boss back to the board where he belongs.

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    + 1 !!


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    Kasparov, St. Louis, 2018 !! happy.png

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    First name on the petition.

    Just call me John Hancock.Tongue Out

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    "Enjoyed bigly" Sik.

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    no need to be so sarcastic.

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    Are you all on board, folks? Just add a big +1 signature to send the message loud and clear. You can add as many exclams after it as you like. happy.png



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    Better in bold though:


    + 1!!

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    + 1!!

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    Thank you, KassySC! Hopefully more and more people will join and sign.

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    Let's remember that many of today's players have increased their knowledge and skill on the backs of chess giants and none are bigger than Kasparov. Kasparov is a master of chess and a masterful man. He is a genius with an unparallelled record and devotion to the game. His courage goes well beyond the board and into the world of international politics. Speaking out against the Russian government is risking one's life yet Garry has done so many times and continues to be a fair and outspoken critic. I would love to see him compete again in a classic format, which is the true test of any chessmaster. Blitz and Rapid is amusing but it is not real chess.

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    +++++++++1!!!!!! Gregory

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    no bigger clown that interwhatsisface.

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    If it'd stop him from sharing of all of his bad political takes, I'm cool with this.
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    SpiritoftheVictory wrote:

    So, add a huge +1 to indicate your support and demand for Kasparov to return. ...

    +1  https://www.chess.com/article/view/kasparov-what-went-wrong

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