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physical exercise to relieve stress

  • #61
    kco wrote:

    hah ! no need to excerise ! take up tai chi, yoga or meditation that will relieve your stress.  

    I think you're doing your yoga and tai chi wrong, if you don't find them adequately exercisey.

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    Tried the Esther Ekhart yoga.

    The doctor said I will walk again but it might take a while.

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    Maybe you should try laughing yoga (on page 2 of this thread) instead.

  • #64

    Thanks, I can manage that one.Laughing

  • #65

    i usually walk around  our perimeter carrying 5kilos each of my dumbbell as a sort of exercise for about ten minutes in the morning and in the evening before isleep.

  • #66

    Playing chess to relieve stress is also good. :D

  • #67

    oh its nice to hear from you again nyl sei,nice to see you again, i thought you were on vacation?

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    I take it "antioxidant" is the new name for Benju13?

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    DrSpudnik wrote:

    I take it "antioxidant" is the new name for Benju13?



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