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PlayE4 - chess for cash

  • #1

    "Here is a new chess site running called PlayE4
    You can play for either real money or for fun.

    PlayE4 Features:

    * Play with people from all over the world.
    * The only software with anti cheating program.
    * 3d & 2d applications.
    * Play for fun or real money.
    * Variety of tournaments.
    * 24/7 Customer support.


    www.playe4.com "

    what you think about this site ?

  • #2

    The commissions are a bit high - up to 5% per game. But it seems like a very nice server.

    "World's Largest Chess Club"

  • #3

    I doubt chess.com wants commercials for competing companies on their site.

  • #4

    The site does seem kinda interesting though, I might give it a shot one day, but hardly with any sum worth mentioning.

  • #5


    Found a review, you can see the screenshots there.

  • #6

    You can do this on playchess.com

  • #7

    Too easy to cheat, how could they stop people using mobile devices like pocket fritz, I rather play for fun than feel cheated

  • #8

    I wasted $5 for a laugh trying it. Everyone on there is either titled player *cough cough* or using houdini. Money makes things evil.

  • #9

    Way too worrying, you cqn cheat just once during the game in a key position and not get caught, horrible idea.


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