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players who hit and run...

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    if you get butthurt because someone won't give you a rematch thats your problem you aren't entitled to a rematch and crying about it is just as bad as crying cause little timmy won't share his crayons with you get over it

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    Or better yet, get a paper route and then you can buy one of those jumbo-sized boxes of crayons (the ones with the sharpener)...and then when little Timmy comes along wanting to borrow your Atomic Tangerine or Purple Pizzazz, you can tell him to go get screwed!

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    lol but little timmy is the spoiled brat with rich parents and already has all the new toys and when his birthday comes around he invites everyone in the class except you even the stinky girls and the boy that always picks his nose in class and gets everybody to always pick you last when they are picking teams for soccer. :P

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