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Playing 1 ...E5 for Black Absolute Crap

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    Oh.  I see.

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    It imitates HTML

    e.g. If I wanted to bold something I might use tags that resemble this:

    <bold> text text text text </bold>
    (and it would appear like this: text text text text)

    So it's like saying the thread ends here, implies no more posts necessary, question/topic completely resolved, etc.

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    Wow.  I guess we just send you to each thread and you decide on things.  Cool.

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    I know right =3

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    e5,c5,all crap!! Best move is d5

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    Obviously we all need to play Nc6 =/

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    Hobbs5 wrote:

    Obviously we all need to play Nc6 =/

    There's some truth to that in that 1. e4 Nc6 is better for black than many much more popular defences.

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    e5 is strong. You just need to learn how to play it. It is complicated. If you want an easy opening then e5 is not for you. 

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    1...e5 is a strong and principled opening move. It controls the center in a classical manner and prepares the development of two of Black's pieces. I think anyone opposed to playing such a move may need to review many games with the move and or adopt a more principled approach to the game as a whole.

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    (Same goes for e4)

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    Mr_Tarkanian wrote:
    Mandy711 wrote:

    If e5 does not suit your playing style, play other moves. And stop also calling e5 as crap. Masters never consider e5 as crap and they know much much better about chess than you. If you are just trolling, you can call e5 anyway you like.

    Mandy, hush the tongue.  You are in a room filled with adults now.

    Comments such as these are always irksome. Usually, people like to find ways of responding to others when they have no good idea of countering their ideas. It doesn't make you look good.


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