Playing black

trlblzr1 wrote:

Although i am relatively new to the game of chess it seems to me that when playing black it is best to play mostly defensive throghout the game. Since white makes the opening move black has no choice right from the get go to develope a defensive front. This is my first try at posting a forum topic so please feel free to post a comment. thanks

White's first move is not forcing... that is, it's not threatening anything so Black does have options.  As the game progresses, the advantage of the first move becomes less and less i.e. 2 moves showing vs 1, becomes 3:2, 4:3, ... until we get to move 10 and now that both sides are developed, the difference of moves is relatively very small.

Because of the distance between the armies at the start of the game, it takes a number of moves before any action (trades, opening of lines, etc) can begin.  Meanwhile the difference in the strength of a position caused by inaccuracies amateurs can't help but make far outweigh any idea of a first move advantage.