Playing every single Opening


I had the idea to start to play every single opening and defense,all the gambits and all the unsound openings at lease once time,with white and black pieces. Maybe sound a little weird but I see many players who stuck on their repertoire and never try something new in his whole life.

In my case I never start a game with d4, playing all my life e4 as white and chose same responses as black against e4 (mostly c5 Sicilians) and few against d4 like KID,Grunfeld and a few more. So will be interesting start same games with g4,b4,g3,b3 etc and play lines that nobody want to play ,unsound gambits and old and weird stuff because the theory said they are inferior but the majority of us don't understand why. There is chess anyway

I don't Know if is a good idea but I think a complete player must know how to play every single position on the board and know how o get that position and from where they can come.but maybe is not necessary play everything but only understand the positions,but is a good way to know the positions just playing it.

I see same player Who stuck on one opening and system and they do very well ,is a Fide Master here who only play b4 with white and b5 with black and he mastered it .

I want to hear the different opinions and what everybody is doing in special for experienced title player what their think is the best.


If you know how to play every single position on the board then you've solved chess. Not even supercomputers can do that with more than six pieces on the board.

It's fun to try different openings, but it's not the fastest way to improve if that's what you're hankering for.


I think it's an admirable goal. Geez, it's a game, have fun.

If that floats your boat, go for it.I'm up for a few games, if you want, let me know what lines you want to play.


Sounds like fun to me. 


Yes I think the more openings you play (understanding the position, not just memorizing moves) the more you improve your strategical understanding.

I feel that people who are really "narrow minded" and insist on playing only one thing will never progress much, especially if they chose something easy to play such as a d4 system.


Having said that, you could just tone it down a bit. Instead of playing everything under the sun, just think: you're an e4 player so it would really benefit your game if you started playing all the main defences as black. You keep your sicilian as your main weapon, but in friendly games playing some French, Caro, Pirc, and of course e5 will be really useful.


If only to understand why the unsound openings are unsound, the go right ahead. I myself have used a grand total of 3 openings, one of which I no longer use. I'm not sure I've ever played 1.e4 or 1. ...e5 .


It won't really help you get better at chess but I guess it's something to do if you're curious.


Becky :I'm agree with You on knowing the general ideas,plans  as pawn structures an endgames Who arise from the opening sometimes is not necessary to play it but know it ,But if you play it you will get more familiar when you do "hands on" ? just Ask

Plutonia: Good advice on playing the thing what You will need more. Same openings maybe never see the sun light ,is very hard to get in. In the other hand playing the Sicilian as black I have not problem playing against any Sicilian as white because I'm familiar with the positions,Good Idea playing openings I will never play but I have to face it like the french.

Roperi: I will contact You and we can play same unrated games so we can learn together same crazy gambits.

If anybody wants to experiment let me know