playing sharp positions


Lately i have observed that on sharp positions especially with my opponent's queen on the board and a not so crowded board i have trouble figuring out the correct line of play.I like to attack and i find my opponent's counter attack forces me to defend and especially in positions where my king is exposed(pawn structure of the castling destroyed).I generally spend a lot of time analyzing to find the right defense and this leads to time trouble.the annoying trend is when i m almost out of time i blunder and thus lose(i generally play 30 0 live).this happens even when i m a pawn or two ahead but the position is extremely sharp with my opponent's pieces bearing down on my kingside.

any ideas how to improve?


Play longer time controls. 30 0 is close to real chess, but eventual blunders are unavoidable.


1.This is what I do most of the times regarding time...

 I spend 20% of time on developing my peices and 5o% to 60% of time on middle game and rest of the time on end game. so in that way I can save some time and not run out of time in the end. but hey some times we do run out of time but divinding time like that gives me some confidence and play confidently without thinking too much about running out of time. 

2.Getting familiarized with gambits help you from getting into any unwanted troubles.

3.playing long games helps you avoide silly mistakes. That's all I can think of right now. I got to go now. ..hope this helps. Take care and good luck.

All the best!!