Check out this #chess game: NExSCOT3 vs CharlieDCool84 -


Opening Principles:

1. Control the center squares – d4-e4-d5-e5

2. Develop your minor pieces toward the center – piece activity is the key

3. Castle

4. Connect your rooks



Pre Move Checklist:

1. Make sure all your pieces are safe. 

2. Look for forcing move: Checks, captures, threats. You want to look at ALL forcing moves (even the bad ones) this will force you look at, and see the entire board. 

3. If there are no forcing moves, you then want to remove any of your opponent’s pieces from your side of the board. 

4. If your opponent doesn’t have any of his pieces on your side of the board, then you want to improve the position of your least active piece. 

5. After each move by your opponent, ask yourself: "What is my opponent trying to do?"



I add comments to the game.


The biggest two lessons are:

1) Learn and follow the opening principals.

2) You have to be greedy! Try your best not to lose any pieces, and if you can capture an opponent's piece for free, then you should.

If the time control is too fast to do these things, then play games with more time. This way you can develop good habits.





Everyone, Thanks for giving me tips and analyzing this game for me and telling me what needs to be done and the most important principles in chess. I appreciate all of your help.

ps, sorry for my bad grammar if you see something wrong hehe wink.png.


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