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Ponz Says He Can Refute Ponziani!

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    Yeah...sorry about my game...I was without access to my engine for a bit, and thus managed to completely screw myself over Embarassed

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    The Fraser variation is so complicated that you need a chess engine at first.

    [assuming it is allowed.]

    Here is the basic position and I the results of these 7 games per White's chosen 12th move [which is critical]

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    ponz11 are you running from me. Come play live chess

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    letsgohome wrote:

    ponz11 are you running from me. Come play live chess

    He is a far stronger player than you, chill out.

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    Results per 12th move choice:

    12. Qa6?   Black won all three games   0-3

    12. Qd5   One draw and one win for Black   1/2 -1 1/2

    13. Na3!  game vs 1 random   drawn  1/2 - 1/2

    Also, in one game White tried 7. Ke2  Bb6  8. Be3 ?! and Black won 0-1


    Conclusion:  12. Qa6? pretty much refuted

    12. Qd5  needs more investigation [but I do not think it is the best,correct move]

    12. Na3!  the "1 Random Variation"  [note this may already have a name but I call it the "1 Random Variation"]  This variation is very interesting and needs more investigation.  The actual final position was a very unusual draw endgame.   

    Thanks to the 5 players who participated in my "refutation"

    My Verdict:  "Not Refuted!" 


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