Poor sportsman


I have only played a 150 or so games.  I'm not very good by have always considered myself as a goodsport.  Sadly that does not happen here.  I always give a rematch when asked, but most players here do not.  They a good players from my perspective but poor sports.  Just a rant of an old man who grew up in a different and far better time than this.  Hope all have a nice evening and all be safe and well.


Well unfortunately its because of your generation that things have ended up so badly, so dont be too harsh on the youngsters, grandpa. Look on the bright side - at least they know how to write using half-decent spelling and grammar.


Right, Swampy.  It's everybody's fault except yours.

Also, while you're railing about how great your spelling is, you might want to look up "its" in the dictionary.


I was talking about their spelling loser, not mine.


While you're busy looking up "its", you could also read up on how commas can be your friend.


Hmm, people may have many reasons for declining a rematch.

-They may be analyzing the game
-They have only time for one game
-They are done with chess for the day
-They may not feel like they play well facing the same person multiple times (this is me, and this is why I don't accept a lot of rematches that aren't from friends)

At the end of the day, I hear you, but I would say that online chess is not a place where accepting rematch requests is by any means something that is considered obligatory. As I have read it online, "nobody owes you a rematch." I get you haven't played that much here  so I assume that perhaps it is a misunderstanding of the convention.

If you have follow-up thoughts I'd love to hear.

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I basically never accept rematches except in bullet. Like the last post mentioned, I prefer analyzing my games right after especially if it’s a longer time control so I tend to decline rematches. Similarly, for your opponents it might have nothing to do with sportsmanship
illinibasser49 wrote:

Just a rant of an old man who grew up in a different and far better time than this.

> my era was so much better!

Oh, no doubt.  And because American Boomers took the attitude of "so what?  I've got mine" and shrugged off the dysgenic world you allowed to appear and metastacize on your watch, bleak prospects now await the kids.  But please, by all means, continue insulting the young men and women here whose future you mortgaged to ensure your comfy lifestyle could continue at no cost to you because they won't give Pops a rematch.

“My era was so much better”
I hope you thanked your parents for that.

In return for that generations hard work and sacrifices the Baby Boomers looked out for number 1.
Gen X is paying for the Baby Boomer party.
Gen Y is trying to make better.
Gen Z? Well I hope they don’t go the way of the Baby Boomers.

What’s your Generation?

I remember The Breakfast Club, great movie and think Napoleon Dynamite was a dud.


Your opponent is not obliged to beat you twice.🧐

TheBlunderingBiscuit wrote:
“*snip* think Napoleon Dynamite was a dud.

That's cause you don't have skills. Girls want guys with mad skills.

This won't do