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Positional Exchange Sacrifice

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    Have anyone tried the daring positional exchange sacrifice in their online games? I saw this powerful technique in GM games and they are subtly beautiful. Please post your personal games featuring positional exchange sacrifice.

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    What is a positional exchange sacrifice?  Giving up space for a long distance mate or better position in a few moves?

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    No, it is giving up a rook for a piece (deliberately losing "the exchange") in order to gain a positional advantage.

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    My favourite way of sacrificing the exchange is by 1.h4 2.Rh3

    This doesn`t necessarilly actually happen in the first 2 moves but it can be useful in situations where the light squared bishops are of special relevance.

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    Looks like none below masters level would try positional exchange sacrifice. This is one of my favorite game Kasparov - Shirov 1994

    17. RxNb7! What a daring sacrifice!

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    Sacrificed my knight to go on the attack, which proved to be fruitful.  Was also okay with droppng the rook.  =)  I hope this qualifies.

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    McKornKid, it's not positional exchange sacrifice but it's very daring. You got chess guts Cool.


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