PREDICTIONS: Anand-Kramnik


All right, let's get everybody's thoughts on this match. Who do you think will win?


Anand is the best tournament player today, BUT Kramnik is the best match player. He's also extremely tough mentally. Since matches are so much different than tournaments, and since the World Championship will obviously be decided in a match, I'd have to say that Kramnik will probably win his title back. It will be very close though, and you can never count Vishy out.


Regardless of who wins, I think that this match will be good for the game of chess. These guys are two very classy GM's who will give the world some very, very good games.

I think Anand will win; he's a chess machine!
I hope Anand wins and am pulling for him, however I think Kramnik will win given his record in matches. I am not so sure Kramnik is as classy a person as Anand given that he never gave Kasparov a rematch and now seems determined to avoid giving Topalov one as well. The match will be great for all chess fans however and I hope there will be no scandal as there was in the Kramnik/Topalov match.

Reb, that's a good point about Kramnik. Although I can understand not wanting to give Topalov a rematch (after his disturbing antics last year), it was a travesty to deny one to Kasparov, which was not classy at all.

i want anand to win
anand. please. anand.

My hopes goes to Anand without hesitation.

I think Anand deserves it. As to who will win it's either way, although I personally believe Anand is a stronger player.
Anand to win......Kramnik won fair and square against Kasparov, maybe he was a bit lucky as Kasparov 's head was else where, but Kasparov should have had the opportunity for a rematch!.
Is Kramnik as good as champions of the past.....No! I don't think so!
But if all goes well.....the match is good for chess whatever the outcome.

Anand for sure

I want Anand to win. He is a great player.

But if I have to put my money on the match.. probably I would put them on Sramnik. 

I think Kramnik will win in a one on one match. If I had to choose a favorite, then it would be Anand. Although, truth be told, I don't have a dog in this race.

I don't think I could ever bet against Kramnik in a match, but it's not so easy to bet against Anand right now either.

However, one thing is for sure... when it's over... Kramnik will say "This was a very difficult match, much more difficult than my match with Kasparov."


In my opinion, Kramnik definitely has the higher chances against almost anybody if it comes down to a match. Kramnik has a very extensive match background, and if I may add, a rather successful one at that. Having won against Kasparov, Leko and now Topalov in matches, he has much more experience. While his tournament record is less impressive than Anand's, he will undoubtely have at least equal chances in a match. Of course, World Champion Anand is not to be underestimated too. Looking at the way his rating is fluctuating around to 2780-2810 region, we can easily tell that Anand is at the peak of his chess career. To say Kramnik can TOPple Anand as he did TOPalov would be a mere lie. The match will definitely be a most exciting and tough one, with Anand battling his wits against Kramnik's vast experience.


Anyway, some interesting analysis done on whether Kramnik would win against Topalov for the last reunification world championship match is just below, go have a look and see how the result was predicted by chess analysts!


wat happens if Anand wins the World Cup?

He will play both Topalov and Kramnik in matches.

but what then happens if he defeats both. wat sort of world championship match will be played in 2009 and who would Anand play?

My heart says that it will be Anand over Kramnik (55%-45%) but my brain says it will be Kramnik over Anand (53% - 47%)
I wish and pray for Anand... But looking at Anand's past record in critical matches I am worried. He is much better player in tournaments than in matches...
Is Anand playing the world cup?  I dont see why he would, makes no sense. Are any of the players from the Mexico tourney playing the world cup? Does anyone know?
I love anand. Go anand.

i think anand has a blunder.