Presenting the Highly Unofficial Theme Song

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    I didn't think you 2600+ persons knew how to do anything other than play chess :P

    Anyway, it isn't bad at all.

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    Brilliant.  Weird, mildly disturbing, difficult to listen to, but completely brilliant, like your chess.  Genius no doubt?  The key changes and transitions ... where did you learn to compose?   Did you do a stint at Juliard or something? What's your day job?  Now I'm going to have to try to write something on the guitar about a little better than that thing I did about moderators some weeks ago.  Sorry, it will be more organic because I can't compose anywhere nearly musically sophisticated as what you did.

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    The Backyard Professor and Andyclifton on backup vocals.

    I can see the glory:

    Madison Square Gardens here we come.

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    GargleBlaster wrote:

    While I'm quite sure you guys can do better, I do think this video has its moments.  Where, I'm not sure, but somewhere.

    I'm currently working on another song now, somewhat simpler and with a sort of Russian feel.  Could use lyrics, though - suggestions would be most welcome.

    Btw, how do you embed youtube videos in your posts?

    There's one member here who does it Doggy_Style.

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    Cool and funny video. I had a little trouble understanding a few lyrics but I still thought it was fun. Definitely heard "we don't like chea-e-ters, it makes us sick". That was fuggin funny combined with the pictures.

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    BTW: I wasn't kidding about how good what you did was.

    I mean the vocals were hard to hear, and a bit muddy and stylized but there was a lot of raw brilliance in it.  So some lyric ideas, hmmm, I write a lot of poems, ditties, meanderings, besides at

    OK what about:

    "Lost my soul in Vietnam,

         got it back on

     Basic training, strategy,

          Fork the queen on square B3..."

    No, wait... not Russian enough...  Ok, what about:

    "Yai lyke Chyss.comb, w'ere all da comrades carry on,
      Thread in gulag, Kohai mom, will not stop 'til pieces gone,
     Buy back bishop undergound... Slam piece!  No make sound!
    Kremlin mod, very odd, speech free, can't say God!" 

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    I don't know much about music...nothing actually...but I know what I like....and I like that.

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    We need a musical supergroup to make a anthem. We have to recruit:

           The backyard Professor: lead vocals

           Andy clifton: backup vocals

          pfren: saxophone accompianment

          Kohai: piano

          reflectivist: lead guitar

         The poet: bass guitar

        That is a supergroup!

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    What about singing this in bullet?

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    Or for something a bit unusual:

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