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How much do professional chess players make like per year or per match......?


I know this isn't exactly what you are looking for - but a piece of advice.

If you want to make money playing games - play poker.  Unless you are world class (which takes tens of thousands of hours of work), or a very successful coach/writer, you aren't going to be supporting yourself with chess.

I think anand made 1.5 million off his title defense, but remember he has a boatload of natural talent, works 10 hours a day, and had a team of strong players beside him testing novelties.


The 2700+ players do very well but after that it's probably more variable. For example, some may teach and compete while others only play tournaments. Naturally those that also teach are likely to make more. However, it's never really a salary since there's no specific amount you'll absolutely make every month. Chess is a beautiful, fun and challenging game but it's not the road to riches. Actually, the fact that so many people dedicate themselves to chess despite not earning a profit is a testament to the game's inherent attraction.

BTW: Poker's not much of a way to make money either and certainly not a stable income. In fact, a lot of times when people think they're making money from poker, it's only variance. There are no longer so many "fish" playing high stakes and just wanting to splash money around. Profits comparable to a decent job are highly unlikely.

Poker is fun and it's possible to make a small profit but living off it is more a silly dream than a reality. There are pros to be sure, but they are a few out of hundreds of millions and many have gone broke several times. (Still, I think the U.S. government's attempts to inconvenience online poker players are misguided and an invasion of personal freedoms. At least the PPA is trying to change this. Moreover, poker is a skill game too, even if not as much of a skill game as chess.)

joeson wrote:

How much do professional chess players make like per year or per match......?

Not much. Chess is an art and doesn't pay the artist.