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    I have a problem when playing chess.  I will see/set up a move that will work great or see one that will cost me the game, but then when it's my turn again I jump to it and either don't make the good move or make the bad move.  I think it's from rushing games when I was younger due to school.  Below is an example.

    This is what I planned if they played Re8

    This is what I did after they played Re8...

    At least I still won.

    Incase you see mistakes in either of our playing, I must point out I'm not named Fischer, but I don't mind knowing about my mistakes and/or better solutions.

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    I also see that blocking the check with the rook in my plan would have ended the same, but a turn longer.

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    This is a common problem I have too. I just resigned a game a couple weeks ago where I avoided a cheapo sac for 3-4 moves and then just forgot to check for it. It's very discouraging, but you just have to pick yourself up & move on.

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    @OP: The Notes tab in your Online Chess games is ideal for helping you remember your plans over several days. Jot down your intentions, so that you won't have to, as we say, "reinvent the wheel."

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    The notes don't work with 30 minute games.  Maybe I can start writing it down on paper.

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    Sorry to say that, but if you are a queen and three pawns up, it hardly matters what you play (unless you blunder mate in one, that is).

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    @OP: That's true. We don't get a Notes tab in Live Chess games. Smile Just keep practicing keeping everything mentally contained. You might try for a while announcing aloud the move(s) you intend to make, since your opponent can't hear you.

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    @ IM pfren  I assume you mean if I miss a mate in 1 against me.  I did miss it against someone just a few minutes ago, but I still managed to win because I was far enough ahead I stopped caring.  Go easy on me though since I just had a concert.

    @ChesssisGood:  Thanks for all of the possibilities!


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