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Question with knights and bishops

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    In a lot of games I've played, my opponents always traded their bishop for my knight. Since I play much better with bishops than I do with knight, they are merely helping me fulfill my goal of those games. 

    But I've always wondered: why a bishop for a knight? A bishop is a long-range piece -- the master minor piece of the endgame. Why trade it away?

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    Sounds like a bishop v. knight noodle knasher.

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    What's that mean...

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    Shadowknight911 wrote:

    a knight is better than a bishop in closed positions, especially if the bishop is landlocked by pawns.  There are also endgame situations where a knight is better than a bishop, such as a position where a pawn needs to promote but the bishop is the wrong color than the queening square.

    But they trade it away way too early to be even confident that they will make a passed pawn.


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