"Alerts: Tracked Activity"....???


Hey all!

Simple question really.

Can anyone tell me what and why "tracked activity" pops up every now and again

on my home page "Alerts"?

Anything like that makes me curious.


John "BrootFaus"


  Hey John!!

   Tracked activity means one of your friends on here has posted a forum topic somewhere. So let's say when I post the recaps for a show or put up advertising for a show, like I did P&P's today, you'll get a notification saying that you have "Tracked Activity", which will show you what thread and where it was posted.   Cool


PS: it's freezing down here in NJ, hope you're warmer  Smile


Hope Marks Answer Helps Brootfaus.:) It still confuses me a little so i track EVERYTHING:)


It also happens when you make new "friends", by default the tracker tracks all friend's activity unless told not to. So, although you may have untracked all your old friends, the acquisition of a new friend will bring new tracked activity.


Yeah, yeah, ok guys, thanks...

Obviously I knew it wasn't anything "sinister" LOL, but had never seen it before and wanted to make sure it WAS US and NOT some kind of site "spying or spoofing" OUR pages etc...so thanks!

Oh yeah, and it's funny that you make specific mention about P&P because I sent you an Email on EXACTLY that a little while ago. Laughing

Maybe you were tracking me??? LOLOL Cool

It's cold here too brother!

Nice day to stay inside, watch a show, and write!

Peace guys!