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"I can't believe it's not winning!"

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    TBentley wrote:

    Here's sample lines showing what Frootloop2 said. The second position is a draw (verified by tablebases):


    and white wins the first position:


    this surprised me really ! But it is true. Thank you.


    But anyway, the other example, (all one column to the left) is winning for white.

    The difference is that in the first case the white king cannot pass from the king side, but in the second case he can (one column more space for him to do it).

    The general thumbnail, that a defended passed pawn is stronger than any isolated pawn (provided the king is within the square of coronation) remains true, anyway.

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    Instead of 18. Nxc8+ I should have went
    18. Nb5
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    These games have been educational :) lol

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    Or earlier 17. Nf7#


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