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Reaching a certain raking in tactics before allow to go to sleep...

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    I was again terrible in tactics today and lost a lot of points with simple stuff. I promise myself to stay awake until I reached 1500+. I did it, and it is around 3 o'clock in the night, and I really need some sleep. 

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    I had the same problem, reached 1723 , so I thought to myself, “ this is going great , I’ll just keep going “ it was a big mistake, I ended up at 1500 😤
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    It is like playing blitz, if you lose you want to win and therefore don't stop, if you win you want to win again and don't want to stop...
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    oh.. fighting. but if u are hazy, u may lose more the point.

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    It's like gambling lol
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    Funny that with my computer I am over 1500 in TT, but with my iPad I am lower! What?!


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