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Reading a Game Collection

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    I just obtained a wonderful game collection of Botvinnik's Games (the book is called "Botvinnik: Move by Move").  I want to learn how Botvinnik played different positions and to see what techniques he used to win and become World Champion.

    What are some approaches you use when reading a game collection so that you could get the most out of reading that game collection?

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    I am not so much asking about how Botvinnik became World Champion.  


    I want to know how I should approach a game collection, such as the one on Botvinnik.  For example, I have heard previously that it might be more effective to go through games quickly.  Others have said that it makes more sense to deeply analyze each game to truly understand it.  Another approach I have heard is to play "Guess the Move."


    The questions I have are therefore these:

    1. What approaches have you used in the past when reading game collections?

    2. How have those approaches helped you in understanding the games in the game collection and the ideas in those games (e.g. attack, pawn structure, etc.)?


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