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Recommend a chess set

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    ifekali wrote:
    goldendog wrote:

    Let it out of the showcase once in a while .


    Oh. My. God.

    Nice setup. Bonus points for matching red book. Beautiful. I bow to your collecting skills, sir.


    I wish it were mine!

    It's all this member's doings:


    He's got some great stuff and is a master and nice guy.

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    ifekali wrote:
    teocaf wrote:

    ... how you, the designer of the set, arrived at the final design the Knight.

    I am much of the trial and error school, slowly incrementing to better and better stuff. The knight is always problem, yes. Two reasons for that.

    1. Can't turn the knight's heads on a lathe, they need to be carved. Carving is a different skill. On high end sets the heads are usualy done by another worker. The BCE sets are turned *and* carved by one person (G. Novak), a top-notch turner with great-but-still-improving carving skills. I'm not surprised a trained eye caught the set's weakest link. The rougher look of the knight is semi-intentional and improving with each set made.

    2. Our perception of how a knight should look like is ruled by 150+ years of the beautiful Staunton/Cooke/Jaques design. On high end sets we are conditioned to expect a detailed and realistic statue of a stallion's head. It was only in 1949 when a Croatian designer Maurović dared to radically stylize the knight in his Dubrovnik design (that I'm obsessed with). If you think about it, the knight is the *only* piece in the Staunton set *not* stylized. Why don't the queens have a pretty lady face with a tiara? And yet, nobody minds this obvious and glaring flaw in the Staunton chess set design.



    thanks for your candid response regarding your design--very informative.  it's quite true that the knight always presents special challenges to the design of any set, yet it is the piece that i always look at first.  two sets that come to mind that i really admire, are Josef Hartwig's Bauhaus Chess Set and Man Ray's Early Chess Set from that same period.  although quite abstract, they seem to still be quite "playable".  all the pieces tie in very neatly together design-wise (in my opinion), and Man Ray's choice of knight to resemble a violin scroll is quite beautiful.  

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    I have two ebony sets with matching wooden boards. I use them only for analysis, I fully understand your quest. Chess bazaar has a couple of good ebony sets and boards. I have done busines with them without any problems. 

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    I would prefer walnut over ebony, but that's because I would make my own set (my father is a distinguished woodworker up here in northern Maine) and we would have to pay absurd prices for the ebony ($15 a board foot) as well as buy shelack (may be misspelled) to counteract the oils of the ebony and allow a satin or semigloss (depends on whether we want it to be shiny or lusturous (full gloss makes it look plasticy in my opinion)) polyurethane to stay on the ebony.  Besides, we already have walnut and it goes nicely with maple.

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    hoynck wrote:

    Dear Izmet (ifekali), the more I look at your set, the more I like it. Did you ever contact DGT in Holland (providing clocks, sets, etc. for important tournaments) to discuss a version wich can be used with their electronic equipment?

    Surely we did. Here's the first DGT equipped batch:



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    House of Staunton have sets of wooden chessmen from $49 (They have one made of mammoth ivory for $13K).  The Chess USA website has some guidelines for matching chessmen to chess boards based on size & colors.

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    I use a plastic roll up PVC board with weighted plastic pieces. £15, indestructible and easy to transport :0)

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    MatchStickKing wrote:

    I use a plastic roll up PVC board with weighted plastic pieces. £15, indestructible and easy to transport :0)


    MatchStickKing, we've been through this before in this post.

    A recommendation of plastic pieces or a financial advise is not what I was asking for.
    Plese don't bother randomly recommending things that have nothing whatsoever to do with the conversation. 

    Besides I already bought a chess set.

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    i definetly would go dgt if money is no problem

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    Aperture, have you received your set yet? Mind sharing how you like it? I am considering buying the New Exclusive Ebony/Boxwood set from the same site. I am not sure if I want a 3.5" or 4" king set yet. My plastic tournament set is 4" king with 2.25" squares board and I feel like that would be too big sitting on my coffee table.


    Anyone else who has purchased a decent chess set like this care to opine about the ideal size of king/board squares? I want it to be functional but not too bulky.

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    I have both four inch and 3.75 inch kings in my good plastic sets (link in post 11). I bought the 3.75 to go with the Seirawan chess pieces, but have found that I rarely use the set with the 4 inch king now that I have the 3.75.

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    Aperture wrote:

    That style cross on the king and knights with teeth were two of my principal criteria when I bought my wooden set. Yours looks nice!

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    Thank you Ziryab.

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    i dont get it whats wrong with dgt, or is it forbidden in tournaments???

    I mean isnt it cool connected to the pc to sit somewere and play with it online?? 

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    Rather too shiny for my own taste. But you, I think, are pleased so that is good. :)


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