Recording moves the proper way


What is the proper way of recording moves with pen and paper?

1. Make a move

2. Record

3. Opponent move

4. Record

Is that it? 


According to the FIDE Laws of Chess you may NOT write down your move before making it.

Article 8: The recording of the moves

In the course of play each player is required to record his own moves and those of his opponent in the correct manner, move after move, as clearly and legibly as possible, in the algebraic notation (Appendix E), on the ‘scoresheet’ prescribed for the competition. It is forbidden to write the moves in advance, unless the player is claiming a draw according to Article 9.2 or 9.3.
A player may reply to his opponent`s move before recording it, if he so wishes. He must record his previous move before making another. Both players must record the offer of a draw on the scoresheet. (Appendix E.13) If a player is unable to keep score, an assistant, who is acceptable to the arbiter, may be provided by the player to write the moves. His clock shall be adjusted by the arbiter in an equitable way.


Dirty tactic for you.

You're playing white and have to make a time contol in 30 moves, normally the time when a critical position is reached and both players are in time trouble.

As you go, write down a couple of extra moves for each side.

As you approach the time control, work out a short forcing sequence and play say 4 moves quite quickly. When it looks like you have made 30 moves on your scoresheet, really 28 moves, act like you are relieved to have made the time control and work out responses to your opponents likely moves.

He will assume he has made the time control and accidentally missed out recording a couple of moves somewhere, which is both confusing and time consuming (don't forget, you have both still got moves to make).

If his flag goes, scrub out the extra moves and claim a win on time.

More dirty tactics next week! Wink


In reply to the post above, the so called 'dirty tactic'...

1.  In terms of Article 8.1 of the FIDE Laws of Chess - see my post above - it is illegal for you to write down those extra moves. If I saw this, I would alert the Arbiter and ask that you be penalised.

2. If I had less than 5 minutes on my clock ( see FIDE Laws of Chess Article 8.4 ) I am no longer required to record my moves. I would however ( and this is advisable ) tick off on my scoresheet each time I made a move ). I would therefore not need to 'look' at your scoresheet to see how many moves had been made.




The point is that you are responsible for making your own record of a game.

Writing down the same moves twice is not illegal at all.

Many players (I know because I have seen it) get confused about how many moves they have made, often forgetting to write moves down. That's their problem.

The reason you can no longer write moves down before making them is that in the good old days, you could write down a move you weren't even thinking of making to throw your opponent into analysing another line. That worked because they did, in fact, look at your scoresheet.

Now, I am not for a second suggesting players do this, I certainly don't. But it may help you getting caught out by someone less scrupulous than me.




The reason you can't write down moves before they are made is that you are not allowed to write down any notes whatsoever. For example, it's clearly cheating to write down 3 candidate moves that you will consider and then cross them off as you consider them. Or worse, to note possible responses to moves you might make.


The rule  makers decided to nip all this in the bud and simply make it against the rules to write anything other than moves that have been played. 


Lochness 88,    You've got it!    Right on the button.  It's as simple as that!  Don't be bothered by people quoting FIDE rules etc. etc.  They only serves to confuse you.  My credentials?  I have been playing and recording  my  tournament games since 1950!  I am still playing tournament chess to-day and am  recording my ""one hour time-control"  games. Fast rapid chess tournaments  to-day, do not require you to record your moves~.

Thankyou everyone you were all very helpful

Ok time to bring this back to life. In my last tournament i started beating this guy so bad that i didnt bother to write my last ten moves "to checkmate" i just quickly made my move and hit the clock. He tried to get me for not writing my last moves but i know he was just a sore loser and if it was the other way around i would not cared because he would have won fair and square but i was the other side winning the game so he was mad. but anyways the director was looking in the rule book to try and find out what happens if you dont record your moves, he couldnt find anything on it. So i ask... WHAT IS THE PUNISHMENT IF YOU DONT RECORD YOUR MOVES???

trevinlmurray wrote:


The TD will make you write out your game one hundred times. Smile

Related question - since any note-taking is illegal, is it against the rules to write down how much time you have remaining on the clock?