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Redneck Chess

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    In response and in protest to the flood of recent threads on this forum that are seemingly designed to suck the very nature from the mallow of chess. Those crybaby, let your feelings run rapid, hold each other's hands, pseudo intellectual threads that attempt to portray chess players as some sort of show tune singing dandys. Chess is a war game, a game of kingdoms, battles, victories! It's a game of strategy, mind against mind, mono a mono, chest beating, blood lust game of kill or be killed. I propose some good old fashion redneck chess! Play to win, screw the other players feelings, let them cry about how your opening was flawed after they got checkmated, we don't care! Let them spend hours in chess books, I'm going to spend those same hours barefoot on my back porch, drinking a 12 pack and playing chess with my best friend bubba whose idea of a gambit is sneaking in to old man's Hicklys back forty to fish for trout. Let them post endless threads about masters they'll never meet, let alone play. Meanwhile, I'll be out on the lake fishing while playing a game of chess on the center seat with my uncle Scooter, who once punched me in the nose and threw my Wal-Mart chess set overboard when I "invented" en passant. We play for fun, we play the game, the game doesn't play us! Can I get a hell yeah?
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    And why the hell don't paragraph breaks work when posting from an Android device? Come on chess.com, you keep asking for membership money but the ap doesn't function?

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    As usual, don't care.

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    2Q1C wrote:

    Should this not be moved to off topic?

    Are you the topic police now too? Don't you have bragging to accomplish elsewhere?
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    Why don't you let the mods decide that? I don't consider your thread on dreams and your delusions of grandeur to be legitimate discussions on chess either, but I'm not suggesting they be moved.

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    2Q1C wrote:

    Ok. But I don't see how this contributes to chess discussion. Let the mods decide. 

    And I don't see how your dream interpretations, your bragging, or your delusions contributes to chess discussion either....but again...im not calling for them to be moved. stick to telling and not showing us how you're going to be a GM in 47 minutes.
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    Hell yeah, I'm in

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    sharkey101 wrote:

    Hell yeah, I'm in

    I'll buy the beer!
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    Hell yeah. I'm not a redneck but I have redneck roots and this hits home with me. 


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    This is absolute chess discussion 2Q. Quit begin' a hater cuz it's not yet another Fischer thread or a debate about 6. c4 , or another mind numbing discussion about why f6 should never be played. 

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    Well you're wrong. 

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    2Q1C wrote:

    I just think this is better suited to off topic

    who cares
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    If 2Q1C is agin it, then I'm fer it...

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       my blew heeler burriet my chest peeces outback.   good they weer plastik .

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    2Q1C wrote:

    Should this not be moved to off topic?

    This coming from the guy who just created the "When did Fisher lose his good looks" topic, lmfao! I bet you dont even bait your own hook son!
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    hell yeah! !

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    My Uncle Buck whupped me when I tole him I was fixing to castle queenside.
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    kingofshedinjas wrote:

    I like this. I suggest that chess.com should include animations where chess pieces bleed and agonize when captured, then die and are taken from the battlefield, just to recruit their children for the next game. That could be a good start.

    I would pay money if they added battle cries and take down animations...

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    If this was redneck chess, pawns would be making babies...
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    Got a pizza ordered, a 6 pack, my feet up on the end table, and my old plastic chess set ready to play my gal a friendly game. My dog ate one of the rooks last year, so we just use a lighter, salt shaker, or whatever in its place...doesnt matter. She won a game recently, loved seeing her dance around with joy.

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