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    GreenLeaf14 wrote:

    here of course not but  am i a monster when i ask for a rematchafter my opponent got away with a win of litterally a slit of a second?

    If you insist on calling opponents who decline rematches cowards, then yes, you are a monster.

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    I think calling someone a monster means that you're a monster.  :-p

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    greenleaf if i beat you by a split second ,dam sure you aint gettin a rematch.i would be sayin.( haha not today sunshine) but you can ask.Tongue Out

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    I got lucky today, and my opponent made some accusations. I was making a video at the time. 

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    ozzie_c_cobblepot wrote:
    Natalia_Pogonina wrote:

    There are lots of reasons why people may not offer rematches:

    a) They got tired and need a break

    b) They have a call incoming/have to leave

    c) They decided to switch to a different time control

    d) They need to analyze the game first

    e) They didn't like your playing style/manners

    f) You rating is too low to play you again

    g) They want to play only White/Black.

    And so on. Hence, don't be too hard on people not giving a rematch. It's not like each of them is a coward

    h) They feel as though their rating is too high and are worried they might lose points

    i) They feel as though your rating is too low and are worried they might lose points

    j) They got lucky in previous game and want to "end on a high"

    k) They got lucky in previous game and prefer their opponent to stew in their loss

    l) They played one game to find out whether you are over-rated and stop if that is not true

    m) They really really feel out-matched by you and don't want to just throw away points

    Or they need to drop a bomb in the toilet asap.

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    Some are runners, some are jellyfish. A few elitists don't like your style of play.

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