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Remove the draw offer !

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    bean_Fischer wrote:
    unquietmind wrote:
    Savage wrote:

    Another change I'd propose is to change the scoring system so that W=3 D=1 L=0. This wouldn't stop the scenario where two players tied for the lead in the last round agree to a quick draw, but it would reduce the number of draws dramatically.

    How about Win=3, Draw-as-black=2, Draw-as-White=1, Loss=0, this way every game results in 3 points.

    Your point system implies there is no other way white must win. And it gives black huge advantage. I disagree.

    footbal scoring system is not effective as an anti-draw system. London classic or Bilbao grand slam have the same draw rate as Tata Steel or the Tal Memorial.

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    Ron-Weasley wrote:
    bean_Fischer wrote:
    ihateparadox wrote:
    bean_Fischer wrote:

    In case of a draw:

    1. Play Armageddon and sudden death.

    2. Best of 3.

    I like the idea, even though I don't even know what sudden death or armageddon is.

    Armageddon is Black gets the draw odd, and white gets the time odd. Sudden death is whoever wins the 1st game of a series gets the win.

    I read about that armageddon being used for the US championship. It is a disgrace to chess to decide a champion based on a blitz game. It makes the whole thing illigitimate, its something Saddam Hussein thought up to ruin American chess.

    Read the rules for the World Championship.

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    Look, it's an agreed draw. Meaning that neither party is better than the other. It's not a disgrace, it's just a way to break deadlock.

    Many soccer championship were decided by penalties even in the elimination stage. That brought some disappointment to disgrace soccer = penalties. But none has come up with a better idea to break deadlock. I remember suddent death was tried with disappointment and never played again. It's back to 2x 45' + OT 2x15' + penalties to break deadlock.

    The reason is they still play soccer for 2x45' + 2x15'. The penalties feature is meant to break deadlock.

    Back to chess. They still play chess and deadlock occurs. It's still chess in full meaning. The armageddon is meant only to break deadlock.

    It's more disappointment that no champion is resulted from playing chess.

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    W=1 L=0 D=0 First person to 7 wins. That way no ties. Basic rules of chess apply. Period. Agreed upon time limit of 2 hrs per player or if both agree longer... No extra rules, or conditions.

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    If in doubt, go with south park rules and settle it by Rochambeau.

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    Or rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock :)


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