repetative check


What is the etiquete on this ?

I'm playing a game where I am clearly losing but I can draw with a repetative check.

My opponent called me a coward and said I shouldn't resort to beginner tactics. My opponent could break the deadlock but it would lead to an endgame he doesn't think he could win.

No comments on the game itself please as it's still ongoing.


If you can draw, you are not clearly losing. Take the half point, if he has an issue he is the beginner.


If you are able to draw the game by repetitive check (which will eventually force a 3-time repetition of position), then you are certainly welcome to do so.  You are not obligated to do something to make yourself lose, rather your opponent is obligated to force a win for himself, and if he is not able to do so (i.e. he can't escape the checks without costing himself the game), then that is his problem.  The only time etiquette comes into play is that you should resign a clearly lost position (though this depends on the relevative strenghth of the players).  Your opponent should not be bugging you about you checking him, rather, he should do something about it on the board if that is what he wants to do.


Could somebody tell me if a draw by repetition applys if the king has a triangular movement with the check being delivered on each turn ?

hope that makes sense :)


So long as the same position appears three times, then it's a draw by repetition. This always applies, so if you are able to keep checking, then you hold the draw.

As for it being a "beginner's tactic"...well, if your opponent has got himself into such a mess, than he will have to come up with something better than that to get himself out of it!


I have a bugbear about this one, as the site doesn't actually produce a draw by repetition at all. So I have just lost a game on time, I believe unfairly, as I was ahead on material (a queen and three pawns against a queen and one pawn) and all my opponent could do was keep placing me in check to avoid me promoting a pawn. I even put my queen in front of my king but he refused to exchange queens, as he knew it would lead to me winning. So the site calls this a win for him, but I would say at the very least he should have offered a draw.I even  told him how unfair he was being, but he just ignored me and carried on.

This is the game, which lasted for 113 moves! (I am white):

Gav-1 wrote:

I have a bugbear about this one, as the site doesn't actually produce a draw by repetition at all.

You have to claim it, just like in the real world. The "offer draw" button works as a "claim draw" button in this situation.


@Gav-1: The draw by three-fold repetition has to be claimed. When you've hit the 3rd move repetition, hit the draw button to claim your draw. Your opponent won't have to agree to the draw. 


Ah I see now and will know for next time it happens. No wonder my opponent kept on playing. Thanks for clearing that up.