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    My games are mostly the TWIC games so only date from 2012. It is possible I guess, that there are some annotations in it. I'll have to run the same test on my bigger database with older games in it.

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    OK, my larger DB, with 3.5 million games came up with 187,000 promotions and a little over 4,400 underpromotions.


    But, now that I think about it I'm kind of wondering if the search is also looking at the headers. If it is, some of the games getting pulled in are draws so that will skew the numbers quite a bit.


    The couple I spot-checked, after my process, did have underpromotions though so I'm not sure if that is getting me or not.

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    Coastermanchess wrote:

    Is there a way to search for under promotions in Scid Vs Pc? 

    Hmmm - this is something i hadnt looked at before, but if you dig down in the General search, press the "Find Games with Flags", then select "Promotions" flag.

    And i see the backend already has support for Under Promotions, so I just added a new feature to search for UnderPomos (in subversion).

    Unfortunately, the 'found' games won't autoload to the promotion though. It's just a hard-to-change implementation issue.

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    Does the program auto flag games with promotions and underpromotions?

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    Yes, it sets internal flags. The button "Find Games with Flags" isn't very accurate.

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    Oh, good to know. I thought I had to manually add flags for things.

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