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    Coastermanchess wrote:

    Is there a way to search for under promotions in Scid Vs Pc? 

    Hmmm - this is something i hadnt looked at before, but if you dig down in the General search, press the "Find Games with Flags", then select "Promotions" flag.

    And i see the backend already has support for Under Promotions, so I just added a new feature to search for UnderPomos (in subversion).

    Unfortunately, the 'found' games won't autoload to the promotion though. It's just a hard-to-change implementation issue.

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    Does the program auto flag games with promotions and underpromotions?

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    Yes, it sets internal flags. The button "Find Games with Flags" isn't very accurate.

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    Oh, good to know. I thought I had to manually add flags for things.

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    Can someone explain how to use your own piece sets with Scid vs pc? Most of the sets that come with the prog look blurry and jagged when I test them. Thanks. They look OK in the preview but not on the actual board.

    Update: Found where/how to add new piece sets. Downloaded some, but they all look jagged/blurry on the board!

    Update 2: Scid is not accepting my board colour changes.

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    Everytime I upgrade, I have to change a setting to get rid of the aliasing.  I think it is the auto-resize board that does it but would have to check when I get to my computer.

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