Changing to toggleAutoplay worked! :-))

Can Control-? be fixed as well? It's supposed to open random game but instead opens window with list of databases.

In scid.gui, open random game is associated with Control-? in several places: Games and Databases, Finder and under ###Edit menu as $m add command -label GameRandom -command ::game::LoadRandom -accelerator "control-?"
set helpMessage($m,[incr menuindex]) GameRandom


? is Shift+/ on most keyboards (?)

Press Control+Shift+/ to load random game


Ah, yes, an excellent point. If I only I had had the wisdom to realize this before posting query. My bad. Thanks for your wisdom.

BTW, I found fix for Scid vs PC on Windows tablet. I can select to show keyboard icon on task bar and use that for digital keyboard below chess board. Works very nicely.