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separate rating for Tournament performance: What do you think?

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    I am proposing a new separate rating for (correspondence and live) tournaments only. That is, in addition to one's correspondence or live rating, they would have a "tournament correspondence" or "tournament live" rating.

    The current tournament leaderboard system rewards those playing in lots of tournaments, but this does not really emphasize tournament performance. The USCF, for example, does not reward players for playing in thousands of tournaments - so why should chess.com?


    I understand that my previous statement may cause a lot of debate (which is why I am making this forum topic), but I must first say that I am not suggesting that we remove the tournament leaderboard, but instead suggesting that we introduce a new category called: tournament rating.


    What do you think? Leave your comment below.



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    i would enjoy somthing like that

    good idea

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    @Amri97: thanks!


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