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Silman's books...

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    I read

    Chess: the art of logical thinking by Neil McDonald

    The amateur's mind by Silman

    Then HTRYC 4th edition.

    Next is Silman's complete endgame course

    The art of planing in chess by McDonald

    Chess strategy for club players Grooten 

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    I liked Seirawan's books, but they are not better than Silman's. Silman has no tactics book, but there are much better one's out there than Yasser's. Of Silman's books I liked "Amateur's mind" and indeed loved his endgame course. I dropped HTYC (4th) because it seemed unwieldy. The single author who helped me most was Dan Heisman. Back to basics: Tactics, The Improving Chess Thinker, A Guide To Chess Improvement all proved to be real gems.

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    @ danny

    it has been a year, since your first post,

    -what do you think of Amateur's Mind now, have you completed much of it?

    -did you get the HTRYC 4th ed.,

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    Life has been far busier and challenging since I wrote that post.  I can't devote hardly any time to chess though I think about it a lot, sometimes wish I never discovered this addiction that I can't constantly feed.  

    I think Amateur's Mind is okay, but probably better if one has played in tournaments with a consistent repertoire to be able to apply those principles and learn from positional mistakes in the context of a particular opening and the emotional low of a blunder-filled OTB loss.  I got HTRYC 4th ed, have not read it.  


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