Software for publishing games?


I'm trying to figure out a decent program to publish games for Kindle. I'm guessing diagrams are a big deal they need to have a pretty decent out put but under 500x wide. 

My goal is to publish a few of my games and have a diagrams every 3 moves or so, that way it can be read with out a chess set.  Not sure the best way to get there but I do have experience in Kindle publishing.



Bump any advice on chess publishing software?


I'm a software developer who just bought your latest kindle book, and I have an interest in developing software for publishing chess ebooks.  Besides that I have an interest in your coaching services, so perhaps we can work out some kind of barter.

Thanks for your consideration


I have a kindle too


@NM stregachess,

Fritz 12 have publishing options

1)Print game/Notations/Position in Paper

2)Even it generates HTML codes for web publication.


Best Wishes.