Stalemate needs to be abolished...

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    Cleverly living a quiet life as a Crimson Rosella, my secret identity is actually that of a Topic known as "Stalemate Needs to Be Abolished".
    After much mature contemplation and discussion with my (imaginary) loved ones, I've decided that I no longer wish to continue living this secret life.
    A few years ago, a certain lickspittle, gutless, toadying, reactionary, Conservative Australian Federal Government contemptuosly dismissed the democratic decisions of two Australian Territories and overturned lawful Euthanasia in both the ACT and the Northern Territory.
    (Note: Euthanasia from the Greek for 'a good death'). 
    As an act of mercy and good manners, I humbly and hopefully beseech the Administrators of to act, in their wisdom and compassion, and please, please put an end to this intolerable pathetic life "Stalemate Needs To Be Abolished".


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    How can something be abolished that happens naturally within the game?  

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    Too many posts to read. I will settle this right now---Play checkers, if you cant move you lose.

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    Monster_with_no_Name wrote:

    If a player cant make a legal move, his clock should be left to run out. (this is the logical conclusion when you take all the other rules into consideration) He cornered himself, commited suicide, he doesnt get a free pass. I cant choose to pass my turn at other times.

    All too often in blitz with 10 seconds left and about to queen some disaster happens where the guy cant move and he is dominated. Logical things to do: lets give him 1/2 a point ??

    To all the fools who want to comment: "your saying this because you drew a blitz game" of course it is you fool. But more to the point, also because stalemate is not a logical rule.

    Please also do not say it is my fault that I let it happen. It is you who cant move, that is your fault. I can still move.


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