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Strength Of Computer

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    Lots of computer chess programs can easily compete at and above world class level.

    Lately I have been playing against Chessmaster set a level thats not too far above me, but still at a point where i can't win a game. I want to know if it would be more beneficial for learning to play the computer at its hardest, world class level. The idea is that I would constantly see and learn superior moves, but would i really get it if the computer is annihalating me instantly?

    What are your thoughts? How far above my own level should I play at?

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    Try playing a level where you score about 40%, and as you get better raise the level accordingly.

    Enough success to keep your nose in the game.

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    I would likely bump it down a level, to where you win SOMEtimes, but not every game.  once you get to where you are winning more than half bump it back up.  i love CM for that purpose.  :)

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    Playing computers is depressing. I gave up over 15 years ago.

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    play at a level that you can compete at without being thrashed but u cant beat a human player.....lol

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    Playing vs. a computer is a little inefficient in terms of trying to improve except 

    i) When you are practicing won or holding "drawn" games (technique).

    ii) When you are gauging/training your ability to play tactically safe chess. (if you miss something, you can be sure the engine will find it)

    Humans (at the higher skill levels) bring in the element of psychology into the game and make moves based out of risk assessment/management.  A computer will try to play the best move it can find ... a human can try to take you into complications/traps that you will have to struggle to find "only one way out" type solutions in a time-limited manner. Additionally, a human can actually "play the man" and not just the board if the situation warrants it.

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    i enjoy playing against human players also as i find they test me more than a computer does because u dont know wot random piece will be moved yet


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