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Stuck in the Middle with You

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    . . . or An Ugly King's Gambit

    I played White in this 5 minute game, and though I won, I  was very disgusted with my approach which was neither very good nor in the spirit of the KG, which flies in the face of Caissa.  In spite of reasonable admonitions to never take blitz games seriously, I examined the game afterwards to try to understand why I played so passively with so many active possibitlies.  Black's failure to castle eventually did him in.

    I made some light notes:

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    I think that is because of how the metric system works

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    The game wasn't played here.

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    Well, I don't know if he moved to fast, or if he saw Rb1+, followed by Qb4 and couldn't work out if he could save the Rook or avoid some kind of mating attack? Even Qb2+ Ka4 to protect the Rook, Qxd4+ looks good for White. It's hard to tell what he saw.

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    lots of mistakes and missed opporturnities here and there. black has made mistakes like hanging f7 and stuff to his downfall. btw shouldn't this be in a different forum, like game showcase or analyze?

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    A few mistakes, some inaccuracies and a blunder or two, like most fast games.  The point wasn't the poor play which was already noted, but my wrong approach in this game to an opening I initiated which only succeeded because of Black's less than stellar defense.  The whole point is that when playing a gambit, one needs to play bolder than perhaps in other openings, since material is already in the opponent's favor.   This isn't a showcase nor does it need analysis. I show games either because they're funny or because they illustrate some point I may have in mind. But if someone wants to make suggestions or comments, that's ok too.

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