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Study Group

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    I feel like I am alone in the world of chess! I just want a group of people that I can compete against and share chess related ideas with on a regular basis to help improve my game and others games as well.

     I would be trying to make these type of friends while playing live but they always leave before I can comment on the game.

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    UndecidedSmile:) sounds cool 

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    Sounds like a good idea, I would be interested in that. Studying by yourself isnt all that fun

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    if you wanna add me and play when im online im always willing to look at the game afterwards

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    There are already 1000 or more groups here that incorporate study in their description.  You might find what you are looking for is already formed and ongoing!

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    I'd definitely be keen for that lunk, If you like send me an invite and we can analyse after :)

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    Wow! chess has become a lot more fun! Thanks guys :D

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    Lunk, lets play and have a look afterwards, no problem....

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    lunk man your crazy dog why why why ths will be no fun for anyone but you hahahahahahha

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    Iam with u


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