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Suggest books

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    I started playing chess a month ago. My rating is 950. What books should i read to improve my game? Also, I play against my computer mostly but i am not able to beat it at level 7.

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    You're bound to get some good advice here but as you might imagine, this is not the first time this question has been asked.  The forums are archived so if you were to type "beginner books" or something similar into the "search forums" box in the upper right, you will find dozens of related past threads.

    Another resource is coach Dan Heisman's web site where he has an extensive listing of recommended books and hundreds of wonderful articles on all things chess.  danheisman.com

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    Thanks guys,

    I actually watch videos available on youtube to improve my opening but there are not much videos on checkmate, endgame and tactics. i was going for Polgar's 5334 tactics.


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