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Suicidal opponents

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    Why do you lie? you never posted one of your own games! And if you are so sick of everyone asking for one, just post one, say wich moves you think are mindless trades and get it over with. You may get some free chess advice. I know that it may be confronting when other people look at your games and give you advice and explanations. But it sure is usefull!!!!

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    Aw, come on Imperfect.  Don't try to play the victim here.


    I'm not the first one to say this, but you should read your opening post again.  You mentioned that trading of equal material is somehow cowardly, and drew parallels to it to acts of terrorism.  It's only natural that many of the experienced chess players with some understanding of the nuances behind trading would feel insulted.  Perhaps the 32 pages of hostility you received  was a bit excessive, but even you have to admit that you were pretty much asking for it by starting a thread with such a provocative opening post.

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    I would have an opinion on this load of crap if I could ever figure out what it was about. Undecided

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    Bicarbonatofsoda wrote:

    what age range would they be ?


    6 and older?

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    I bet my 7 yo nephew can beat him in chess...lolololol....I don't even know why i'm following this thread.......muuust...ressist...reea..ddiing....!

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    Suicidal-opponents like you call them aren't cowards. In most cases when i do a suicide trade like rook for rook, it is always because i'm sure that it gives me an advantage. Most people who do a suicide trade do it for a reason and not because they have no better move to do. It is a part of the set-up. Meaning it makes the defense and the counter-attack stronger. Maybe you should focus less on thinking people are cowards because of a suicidal move, and rather look for the reason why they make such moves. 

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    Your theory that trading pieces off the board is flawed. There's countless situations where trading pieces relieves pressure or as stated above gives tempos or gets "bad" pieces off the board. You play chess for pure fun, which isnt a bad thing by any means. But those of us who take it more seroously put alot of theory study in where i'm guessing you do not. Explaining your flawed theory

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    TacticalSymphony wrote:

    Does it really take 30+ pages for the OP to wrap his brain around the concept of exchange? 

    I don't think 30 will be sufficient. I'm afraid the OP will never break 900.

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    Exchanging pieces during games can be for many reasons, including to offset a piece's dominance, get rid of a defender, etc. "Suicidal Chess" as I understand it is to trade off all pieces and play out the endgame. I do this sometimes when I am unable to find a way to win quickly.

    However, don't blatantly accuse players of trading pieces because we all have our own reasons, and resigning when someone trades is probably the worst thing to do.

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    The gift that keeps on giving...  Bicarbonatofsoda, if you want to continue backing him up, consider his last post: 

    "More games, more examples" -  there can't be more if there hasn't been one.  The only thing he has to say for it is, "heh".  What people asked for was a game of his own, where he objectively discusses moves that supports his ideas.  Only thing I can say to "heh", is meh!

    Then he continues, "...games were posted, links were given, explanations were said.  The last one I did was an edit of a vid into the opening post." - Of course I had to translate for that sentence to make sense, but let's look into this statement for what it is.  Games were posted sure, but no moves were pointed out to have a meaningful discussion.  It was just a lazy attempt at hoping somebody points out the moves for him, so he can come in again and say, "yeah, that's what I meant!", then add an "edit" line like he did with that video someone else referenced.  In grade school that's called "getting by", and unfortunately in the real world, you'll get called out for it.

    Try and tell me this is an improper assessment, and I'll back off.

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    I finally realized what IM perfect wants. He wants to play ganjam style, all rastafarian, with pece and love mon. Jah. No exchanging pieces. No al qaeda tactics. No spiteful suicide tricks. Just piece and harmony, from Ethiopia to the Carribbean.

    "I play a game, but I didn't take no pece, oh no. Oh! Yeah! All around the chess.com, They're tryin' to track me down; They say they want to bring me in gulty, For the killieng of a pece, GM John Brown always hatted me, For what, I don't know: Every time I plant a pawn, He said kill it before it grow - He said kill them before they grow. Freedim came my way one day, And I started out of town, yeah! All of a sudden I saw GM John Brown, Aiming to mate me down, So I resigned, I resigned him down and I say: If I am lost it is ok.I - I - I - I play the GM. Lord, I didn't take the pece. Yeah! I - I (play the GM) - But I didn't take no pece, yeah! No, yeah!"

    Keep smoking the madamada, pece on brother IM Perfect!

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    uh, you mean gangnam style? XP

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    Point out where he posted a game with any annotations before making the assumption this is some lynch mob.  Also, read his original post and quote for me, anything at all that suggests you are correct.  

    Lastly, you're the one posting that the OP is a "funny guy", and that everyone here's a "whackjob" except you two lovebirds.  Kiss 

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    verybadbishop wrote:


    Point out where he posted a game with any annotations before making the assumption this is some lynch mob.  Also, read his original post and quote for me, anything at all that suggests you are correct.  

    Lastly, you're the one posting that the OP is a "funny guy", and that everyone here's a "whackjob" except you two lovebirds.   

    Lol :D I can not resist reading this forum.

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    Ahahaha that video just made my day

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    Imperfect_Luck has certain preferences and a level of understanding about chess that both guides and allows him to speak on a certain level, and few here respect his thoughts and abilities.


    People dissatisfied with the flow of the forum should create their own forum for discussing things with others of a similar mindset and understanding. 

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    "Piece" and harmony, I love that pun ^_^

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    would you trade a good kidney for bad one.  Would give a healthy heart to sickly dying old man or a you kid with a whole  life to live.  Such a worthy topic but irrevockably damaged.  Go now, softly and with grace, dignity and poise.

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    Mr. Perfect, in this position, do you think that Bxe7 would be coward? which move would you prefer? If white plays Bxe7 would you resign as black?

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    Bxe7 is incredibly spiteful. Why would Black want to play against someone who does such things? White might as well join al-Qaeda.


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