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    Slovensik wrote:

    All people do on this website is cry about people being time players.  If you can't finish the game in the allocated time, then play a longer control.  Anybody who plays one-minute chess is a time player.  And as for 'runners,' get over yourself wannabegmjoey1.  You sound like you lost a few games on time and took it personally.  Grow a pair and move on.  Your rating here doesn't matter, just like you.  :)

    Statement "get over yourself wannabegmjoey1", wow this is very intriguing. LoL

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    Spiritbro77 wrote:

    What I take from this thread is you enjoy insulting other players. To me the definition of a coward is a bully hiding safely behind a computer screen. I'd wager you don't have the stones to insult another player to his face. you throw around words like coward and fool... Pot to Kettle: You are black.

    It is something different and unique opinion, you can say anything as long as you understand, Nice!Cool

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    cuz runnig burns fat and is good for the heart

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    hugo_santiago wrote:

    cuz runnig burns fat and is good for the heart

    whuahahaha,,,yes...yes...keep healthy, lol

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    I think it's a mistake to try and analyze or think about lightning, 1m 0s, or bullet, 2m 3s, to any substantial degree at all. it's a bit ridiculous to sit there and say this or that person is a "time" player or a "runner" when anyone who plays those times controls (including top professionals) will engage in this type of play. it's not like it's an option with these time controls. 

    perhaps you could talk about such things as the time control and elo strength are increased. 5, 10 minute blitz between 2000ish players? there might be a legitimate discussion to have about this in that context. lightning? probably not worth thinking about. or saying anything about.

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    lolwat-utalkcrazi idonnowwaturthinkan

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